Memphis Rising

A boutique hotel that tells this city’s story with purpose, passion and joy.

Night time view of the city from our Memphis, Tennessee hotel
Exterior view of Hu. Hotel, our hotel in downtown Memphis, Tennessee

A New Landmark

Hu. looks to bold use of colors, geometric patterns, and thoughtfully designed furnishings to make a statement. Stunning rooms, modern event spaces, and two signature food and drink options from the first floor to the roof position Hu. as a new kind of Memphis gathering spot. One humming with the freewheeling culture energy of the city and the people that make it one of a kind.

Drawn portrait of a man with a bushy mustache at our hotel in downtown Memphis

Always Ahead of Its Time

Hugh Lawson White Brinkley, known as Hu., made his fortune, and put Memphis on the map as a shipping hub, connecting railroads. He also planned the building that’s now home to Hu. An enigmatic personality ahead of his time, he was also an early devotee of yoga, lived modestly and worked to improve women’s health in memory of his beloved wife. We wanted to make a place that honored his story and spirit.